Mimicker – Cool Alarm App

Are you tired of waking up late? Do you need a cool way to wake up in the morning? The Mimicker alarm is just the way to go. It is a free morning alarm clock app that will play a simple game known as ‘Mimic’ to wake you up. The cool thing about this app is that it is no ordinary alarm. This means that you don’t have to hit the snooze or stop button when the alarm goes off. With this app, you will have to mimic the action given in order to make the alarm stop. There are a number of actions to look forward to such as speaking a phrase, snapping a selfie or simply getting out of bed!

Mimicker appThe whole point of these actions movements is to ensure that you are wide awake to play them. You can’t speak a phase when you are asleep-you can say it while dozing a bit but you will be on your way to waking up. Since the whole point is to be wake when you mimic the action given, in case you fail to complete the action given then the app will assume that you have fallen right back to sleep and will prompt the alarm to ring again! So, in case you fail to complete the given action, you will be subjected to one ringing after another!

Some of the features in the app include multiple mimics to help with the waking process, personalized images to be shared with friends after each alarm and a choice to hit the snooze or dismiss option for each alarm.

This app is a Microsoft Garage Project that was built using Microsoft Project Oxford. The cool thing about this app is that you can also contribute your own mimic by checking out GitHub where you can view the source and file issues. Basically this is an open source project application where anyone can contribute and use the application. This idea will not only make the application better but will also make sure that it is updated with new features time and time again.

So, if you are looking for an alarm application then I would suggest you to go with this exciting and interesting application. You will definitely fall in love with this app!

How Your WhatsApp Account can get Hacked & How to Prevent it?

WhatsApp HackedThe WhatsApp messenger app is an instant messaging application that helps connect people through chats in mere seconds. Quite a number of people have “Wapp” (Its slang) installed on their phone. Technology as a whole can help improve lives or it can help destroy it one way or the other. In addition, no matter how great technology may be, there may be loopholes that permit other parties to access information or data.

In case you need to spy on someone’s messages then you are in the right place. With a few tricks and hacks, you too can be part of whatever conversation is being happening between your contacts and friends.

By use of a spy app

You can have this kind of app installed. This is one of the easiest ways to trace someone. Of course, you will find some genuinely good apps and some not-so-good apps in your search for tracking apps to use. Each come with their own set of features that can make or break your spying endeavor. At this moment the most featured tool of this nature would be WhatsApp spy software from its official site: Wapphacktool_dot_com

By Spoofing the MAC Address

Spoofing the MAC address of the target phone is another way to track on someone here. Although this method is rather difficult. You need to have a considerable amount of technical skills to pull this one off. In order to spoof, you will have to access the target phone’s MAC address and then proceed to spoof the same on your home. When you have the target phone’s MAC address then you can proceed to install Wapp on your own phone and configure it in such a way that it makes use of the target person’s number. You will then have to verify this account by making use of the verification code that you receive on the targeted phone.
There are a few ways to successfully spoof MAC address. To learn more in detail about each, you can check out this guide.

This method can be used on iPhones, Android, Blackberry and the Windows phone. In most cases, you will have to head over to the settings on the given phone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) or options for Blackberries and then look out for MAC address or Wi-fi MAC address or WLAN MAC on Blackberry.

At the end of the day, if you are able to execute one of the above methods then you are good to go and you can go ahead and do all the spying you want. With the methods mentioned, you will have a replica of the person’s WhatsApp account running on your phone so you are able to check out their chat if that’s why you wanted to hack into it.

Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram with This App!

Instagram is definitely a popular social network. A lot of people love sharing their photos on it and communicate with people from around the world through pictures. The concept behind the application is pretty good, and it comes with a plethora of features. However, there are some areas where this application leaves its users wanting for more. Unfortunately, you cannot track who has unfollowed you or if the people you followed last week are following you back?

The official application does not help you here. However, there are different third party applications which can provide you complete data about who unfollowed you, who is following or who is not following you back. There are various applications available on the play store. We tested a couple of applications and found “Followers” simple, attractive and easy to use applications.

Followers appTo get detailed insights you have to log in to your Instagram account through this third party application. Don’t worry your privacy will remain safe and this application will get access to limited data. When you have linked Followers with your account, then it will start fetching some information from your insta account. Once this application has fetched everything it needs, it will take you to a dashboard.

On the dashboard, you will find different options. You can find the long list of your new followers. If you open the list, you will find some details like either you are following your new followers or not.If you wish to follow your followers, then you can do it easily by tapping the follow button just beside their name. You can even unfollow them by tapping the following button. So, you don’t have to leave the application to do these operations.

Now one interesting feature is that this application allows you to find out the people who have unfollowed you. You will get a complete list of people who have unfollowed you. So, if you wish to do this to them too, then you can do it by simply tapping twice the following button.

Now there is an additional list which shows you all those people whom you never followed but they have now unfollowed you.

Keep in mind that some of these stats tracking tools are made just to trick users and can hack Instagram account with app usage. So always use official trusted one and never forget to read reviews. If anyway this happens, make sure to follow the official Instagram’s guide how to recover your hacked account back.

So, in short this is a very useful application for people who are hardcore Instagram users. Followers is a simple application which offers everything it promises!

Exciting Android Apps Everyone MUST Have

So, did you just buy a new Android smartphone? You don’t have any idea which Android applications you should install first? Well, here’s our list of some weird yet MUST have applications for Android smartphones. Some of the applications pretty good while others are very useful and there are a couple of applications which are good for time pass. So, have a look at our list of some of the best and must have Android applications.

Android apps

– Carrr Matey
Since population is increasing and everyone is buying a new car therefore the number of available parking spots is decreasing. If in case, you have found a parking spot on a busy street then there is possibility you may forget the parking location while shopping or working in the office. This is where our first application Carr Matey comes in handy.

Though there are a lot of similar applications in the Android play store but this is the best of the lot. The available features and the ease of use makes this application simply the best. This application allows you to mark the point at the place where you have parked your car and then it will help you in locating your car if you have forgotten the location. Interesting, right?

My Bic Lighter
You are in a music concert and you are going crazy after the performance of your favorite band. Now its your time to show your support and appreciate their performance by flicking on your lighter. But wait! The management has taken away your lighter already since no one is allowed to enter the concert hall with a flammable material. Now what?

Don’t worry we have an Android application which will save the day for you. Just run My Bic Lighter application on your phone and let it do the rest for you in events where you are not allowed to take lighter along with you.

PlayStation 2 Emulator APK
All gaming addicts must have this amazing app which enables you to play epic SONY PS2 console games on your mobile phone! Enjoy hundreds of exclusive PS2 games on your lovely phone or tablet whenever you want.
A highly recommended application especially for holidays. Choose your favorite game and get lost in exciting other world!

Easy Metal Detector Lite
Working in a security team in a school or college event? Well, this application can help you do your job with perfection and great ease. Easy Metal Detector uses magnetometer for detecting metals and if you are leading the security team in your college then you can definitely use this application.
Well, there are few other good applications like Metal Detector but personally we feel this application is the best available application because of its user friendly interface. Please note that your smartphone does not have a huge magnetometer so it is important for you to be pretty close to the metallic object in order to detect it.

My Magic 8 Ball
Are you curious about your future? Do you want to know what is going to happen in the near future? Well, if this is what you are looking for the My Magic 8 Ball is tailored made for you. On a strong shake of the phone this application will answer your question. You should understand that it is just for fun app and you should not take it too seriously.

If in case this application does not respond on strong shake, then can press a button on Magic 8 Ball and it will give you the answer. Now you must be familiar with similar application but we had a strong reason to choose this one. It is free application and offers very interesting answers unlike other similar applications

Want to live your childhood all again? Most of us still remember pinball and we have played this games throughout our childhood. Now it is officially available on Android. The basic idea of the game is similar. Nothing has changed in the Android version and this is what we like the most about this application.
This application comes with 6 different themes. You can pick any theme and relive your childhood all again! Well, one disappointing thing is that moving smartphone does not have any effect and this turns us off but if you have nothing else to do then this application can help you pass your time.

Lost in an area with no electricity? Finding path or looking for something in dark? Then our final but the most important application can help you. Flashlight helps to turn on your camera’s flash continuously for as long as you want. One great feature about the application is that it consumes very little battery. So, if you are low on battery even then this application will work for you with no issues at all.